Trip to Norway 1981

This article deals with the trip to Norway between the 4th and 5th terms.

33 participants registered for the trip and the trip was completed by bus. The same route was used for the outward journey, which was also used by the ancestors and genealogists. In the pool, relatives living there were introduced to e.g. old working methods of a tile mine.
There was also a Hammerfest. The return trip was made across the fells of northern Norway to Kistrand, from there via Karigasniemi to Luosto, where the villas of Pekka and Jaakko Ellilä were visited. The most rewarding part of the trip was getting to know the family members in their own living environment.

According to the decision made on the trip, Mari-Anne Ingebrigtsen was given a painting as a gift for the hikers to commemorate this trip and as a tribute to her valuable work for the family. The painting shows the so-called Ellilä building group in Tiironkari, the old side.

In the picture on the left is Mari-Anne Ingebrigtsen, who has enlivened the activities of the Ellilä family society in Norway.

In the picture on the right, John Ellila presents an old tile stone cutting method. Mikko, Laura and Johanna Hartman follow closely.

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