Term meeting No. 8, July 8, 1995 Kuivaniemi

This article discusses the course of the eighth term meeting.

If the previous term was silent, it was also the eighth term. No minutes can be found from the new board’s constituent meeting, but matters continued to be handled by the forces elected by the seventh mandate meeting. The board of the family association elected in Alta held its first meeting on 30 July 1994 in Pekka Ellilä’s summer residence in Suvanto-Ellilä. An organizing committee was elected to prepare for the next term, to which Antti Ellilä, Pekka Paaso and Ritva Koskela were appointed.

If the family association’s activities were silent, the activities of the individual members brought the term to life. In the summer of 1992, chairman Pekka Ellilä was informed at her workplace that the family members, who were now in Oulu, had arrived from America. As captain of the ship, he could arrange things so that he could greet and guide guests on the family’s roads.

Pictured from left are Secretary of the Family Association Pekka Paaso, Marja-Liisa Rintakoski, Pekka Ellilä, Chairman of the Family Association, Kathie Mooney, Carol Naftzger, Aino Paaso, the house’s current hostess and Hannu Paaso.
Photo: Erkki Paaso, whose little cousins are Kathie and Carol. The American ladies’ father is Chester Knutila.
The barn in the background has been the American ladies’ old aunt, Emmi Paaso’s, born Ellilä, the first apartment when she and her husband Eino Paaso came to live in Mikkola’s house around 1910.

The term meeting was held at Kuivaniemi Primary School on July 8, 1995. Incoming coffee was served with bread cheese. After the congregation moved into the ballroom, the national anthems of Finland, Sweden, Norway and the United States were first sung. The songs were accompanied by Riitta Paaso, a member of the family association, on piano.

At the beginning of her opening speech, Pekka Ellilä, the head of the family association, welcomed Mari Aatentytär Ellilä’s descendants from America and reminded them of the family’s mission as follows: “According to the second article family stages and nurturing old local as well as family traditions and collecting genetic information. Let us elect today a leader and a government that can fulfill the responsibility handed over to us by the founders of our family association. ” At the urging of the Opener, a moment of silence was observed in honor of the members of the family who had passed away through death. At the end of the opening, he asked the meeting to elect a new supervisor for the next term. After the vote in the meeting, this wish did not materialize. There were whispers among the crowd: Who will take care of things if Pekka leaves?

Gloria Janson gave a greeting from American relatives. She introduced the party that came from there: Cindy Mallory, Carol Naftzger, Kathie Mooney and Jeannine Janson.

Probably the first term meeting of the family association, where the trustees had to be voted for the next term. It was not enough for the supervisor to be elected by ballot. Board members were also voted on. The vote was taken by show of hands. The six with the most votes were elected as full members and the next three as alternates. There were no more candidates on offer. The membership fee was maintained at the former FIM 25, although an increase of FIM 10 was offered. The former practice of not charging a subscription fee was maintained. Before closing the meeting, the secretary presented the program for the rest of the day.

After the meeting, a tour of Vatunki was conducted. During the trip, the club’s secretary, Pekka Paaso, spoke very extensively about the history and present of Vatunki. He was supplemented by Antti Ellilä, a member of the Board, as a resident of the seashore.

Pekka said e.g. the following: Vatunki has been a fishing base and fishing ground for centuries. During this trip, there were two more fishermen’s huts on the headland. During the Crimean War in 1854, the people of Kuivaniemi repulsed the English attempt to disembark from the cliffs of Vatunki. This monument has been erected to commemorate the battle, and was built by Pekka’s grandfather Hannes Paaso.

In the evening, it was customary for Karinnokka to burn a bonfire. There, the family club offered sausages and soft drinks. The evening was spent socializing and singing together, led by Eeva Paaso and her partners.

The second day began traditionally with the laying of wreaths on heroic graves and worship in the church. At 12:00 a.m. gathered in the middle school dining room for lunch. The pre-meal board meeting included more than just getting organized. Rainer Ellilä was chosen as the contact person for Sweden. During this term, a postcard related to Ellilä’s family was made, “Greetings from the roots of the family”, the main author of which was Pekka Ellilä.

In the discussions between the members of the board and the maintainer of the genealogy, Antti Ellilä, it had long been hoped that the computer would join the activities of the family society, especially the management of the register of members.
On the second day of the meeting, some members of the family visited the Kuivaniemi Homeland Museum, which was open from 1 pm to 3 pm. Of particular interest was the collection of 30 wooden brands of Kuivaniemi.

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