Term meeting no. 6, June 27-28, 1987 Kuivaniemi

This article discusses the course of the 6th term meeting.

The primary meeting place for the 1987 term meeting was the Kuivaniemi municipality camping area. The following were elected to the organizing committee of the meeting: Program matters and general management: Pekka Ellilä. Reception and guidance: Antti Ellilä. General arrangements: Kauko Ollikainen. Permits and official contacts: Erkki Paaso. Procurement negotiations, accommodation reservations and information: Jaakko Ellilä. The failure of the negotiations with the municipality has not been reported, but it was decided to hold a term meeting at Kalottimajat next. Even these negotiations were unsuccessful, and in the end we ended up in elementary school. This solution again required extra effort from the members of the family from Kuivaniemi.
The number of participants was 111 family members. So much less than the previous one, but it was a formal meeting. The program deviated from the traditional way of holding a meeting on the first day of the meeting. Postponement of the meeting to another meeting date 28.6. this was justified by the fact that the participants could discuss in advance the issues that would come up and possibly be brought up at the meeting. Did it bring anything new, the documents do not say. However, this procedure increased democracy. In accordance with the proposal of the Board of Directors, the Term Meeting decided to send the Membership Bulletins to those who have paid the membership fee in Finland but live abroad according to the mailing list.

On the first day of the gathering, a tour of Kuivaniemi’s nature and history was made. The trip, which was attended by 38 family members, was conducted by bus. Initially, the road to Kivimaa was driven to the marsh conservation area and from there on to Närränharju. At both sites, Antti Ellilä spoke about how these areas have formed over millennia. After that, we moved to the yard of Veska’s Jaeger Tap House. Four years earlier, there was a tile attached to the wall of the house stating that the house was the base of a Jaeger Movement. Near the house, close to the Kuivaniemi – Oijärvi road, is a monument erected in 1957, the plaque of which reminds us of the sacrifice of the people of the house as helpers to the Jaegers. Looking at these monuments that respect history, the fall of Captain Iivari Ellilä, a member of our family, in the Finnish War of Independence was recalled. In the book “For the Fatherland, HISTORY OF THE JAEGER MOVEMENT AND JAEGERS”, Jarkko Kemppi states that in 1994 the Church Board issued an instruction according to which the Jaeger graves are permanent national property.

After the tour and meals, they gathered to hear a presentation by Pekka Ellilä, the head of the family association, “WE ARE AT THE ROOTS OF THE FAMILY”. The presentation was quite comprehensive, starting with the settlement activities of King Gustav of Vaasa. Initially, there was a reference to an even earlier way of life in Maaninka, whose Finnish-speaking inhabitants accepted the name of Lappish origin as the name of the place.
In his presentation, Pekka Ellilä told about the departure of our family from Halosenmäki in Maaninka to Laitasaari in Muhos and from there to Halosenniemi in Kemijärvi. From here the Kemi riverside landed by the sea and from there to Kuivaniemi. Pekka Ellilä enlivened his presentation with many films.

He had to do quite an extensive study of the history of eras, places, and clans.

The family society’s finances were on a weak footing. Therefore, the membership fee was increased from FIM 10 to FIM 25 a year.

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