Term meeting no. 5, June 24, 1983 Kuivaniemi

This article discusses the course of the 5th term meeting.

The Fifth Term Meeting of the Ellilä Family Association, which was also the club’s 20th anniversary meeting, was held in the Kuivaniemi Municipal Primary School’s secondary school ballroom. In his opening speech, Pekka Ellilä, the head of the family association, reminded of the conversation between Walfrid and Helli Ellilä, who had led the establishment of the family association, with an unknown Lappish man. He further mentioned the importance of family activities: “… I am sure that those of us who have been able and willing to come to our meeting will once again experience the unifying atmosphere during these days that we will be able to work for our fathers and homelands. from now on. ” Pekka thanked the people who worked for the meeting days. Erkki Paaso presented his 20-year history to the audience.

As a photocopy handout, especially for photographs, it was not a very successful product compared to modern computer products. The meeting days went according to tradition. The novelty was the boot throwing competition. Cottages from Kalottimajat and the municipality’s holiday village were reserved for conference guests from further afield. There were 130 participants.

The meeting was chaired by Erkki Paaso and secretary was Jaakko Ellilä. The municipality and parish of Kuivaniemi and the Homeland Association brought greetings to the celebratory organization. Leiv Ellila gave a greeting to relatives living in Norway. The board rebuilt on the side because so many had rightly asked not to complain anymore. The departure of Toivo Ellilä in particular caused a significant gap in operations in Kuivaniemi. Jaakko Ellilä continued his duties as treasurer. The deputies all came new. Things were hammered on the table with a mallet donated by Marja – Liisa Rintakoski the week before the meeting.

Walfrid Ellilä, born in 1897, was invited to become the first honorary member of the association as early as 1972. On the basis of his research work, the Ellilä Family Association could be established. Eila Niskala and Toivo Ellilä were invited as honorary members at this meeting. At its inaugural meeting, the Board elected Jaakko Ellilä as Secretary and Erkki Paaso as Deputy Chairman. Ritva Koskela was elected treasurer and Antti Ellilä and Jaakko Ellilä spoke as the club’s spokespersons. The Board noted that the following persons have been designated as contact persons: John Ellila in Northern Norway, Leiv Ellila in Southern Norway, Wayne Knutila in the USA and Lempi Lampi.

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