Term meeting no. 4, June 22, 1979 Kuivaniemi

This article discusses the course of the 4th term meeting.

Erkki Paaso was elected Chairman and Pekka Ellilä, Secretary of the Executive Board, was elected Secretary. In order to increase contact with relatives living on the new continent, Wayne Knutila was re-elected as a liaison. The interpreters for the Norwegians are Leiv and Håkon Ellila.
A record number of participants was reached. when 115 members of the family were present.

Eila Niskala, who had held the position of supervisor for a second term, asked in the opening speech of the meeting that she would no longer be elected to this position. In her request to resign, she relied on her age and the fact that her place of residence was far from Kuivaniemi. The meeting unanimously elected Pekka Ellilä as the new supervisor.

At the end of the meeting, the participants moved to Tiironkari near the Ellilä barn, where a memorial plaque designed by Erkki Lehtola was unveiled. Eila Niskala revealed the tile and gave a revelation.

The unveiling of the Ellilä family memorial plaque was held in Tiironkari in 1979.

Eila Niskala, the resigning chairman who gave the opening speech, will be assisted by a new one Chairman Pekka Ellilä.

Immediately after the unveiling of the slab, a traditional party was started on the shores of Tiironkari.

Again, during free socializing, the question was asked among family members, and especially board members, how to meet more often than every 4 years with a larger group? Immediately at its inaugural meeting, the board decided to begin arrangements for an excursion to Norway in the summer of 1980.

After much deliberation, it was found more sensible to arrange a trip in the middle of the term, ie in 1981.

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