Term meeting no. 3, 12 July 1975 Kuivaniemi

This article discusses the course of the 3rd term meeting.

At the end of the third term, Esko Autio was the chairman and Pekka Ellilä the secretary at the family meeting held on July 12, 1975. The meeting was attended by 105 family members. The family association received a pennant from the mayor of Arto Lamminmäki to thank the municipality of Kuivaniemi for the great work that the members of the Ellilä Family Association have done for the municipality of Kuivaniemi. At the bonfire evening, our family member Erkki Kiuttu offered smoked whitefish to everyone involved.

In honor of past generations, the family association has affixed a plaque to Tiironkari. To a place where the Ellilä family has spread around the world. The actual presentation to create this monument was made by Olavi Ellilä, who gave a keynote speech at the full-time celebration of the third term meeting in 1975. It should be mentioned that during his retirement days he studied genealogy by participating in lectures organized by the Oulu Genealogical Society.

In the context of genealogy, a lot of material is accumulated in the knowledge of the people who do it, which is not written down. The first such loss of memory was experienced by Hannes Paaso after his last sleep on May 6, 1970. The family society experienced another equally significant loss of memory data when Walfrid Ellilä moved beyond the limit of eternity on April 18, 1974.
Despite a request from the board, they did not leave us notes on everything they had learned about the stages of our family in the course of their investigations. It is also worth mentioning the departure of Tauno Ellilä on 16 January 1975. To his knowledge, there was certainly material accumulated precisely during the establishment phase of the family association, which we would like to use to our advantage in developing the activities of the family association.

Between family meetings, the leaders of the family association have had good contacts with relatives living in other countries and also in Finland. A few other members of the family have done the same. Leiv Ellila was chosen as a liaison for relatives living in Norway so that the board could follow their lives and wishes towards the company. Wayne Knutila, who arrived at the meeting from America, was elected by the board to perform these duties there.

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