Term meeting no. 2, June 25-26, 1971 Kuivaniemi

This article discusses the course of the 2nd term meeting.

The second term meeting, which was held in primary school, was chaired by Tauno Ellilä and secretary by Aulis Kuusela. Walfrid Ellilä, who had made the family association established and active, felt the time had come for him to step down as director and hand over responsibility to the younger viable members.

Tauno Ellilä was now unanimously elected head of the family association. Aulis Kuusela’s proposal to invite Walfrid Ellilä as an honorary member of the family association was accepted, for which no opponents were found. In addition to Finns and Norwegians, family members living in the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States of America had now been invited to the meeting. There were a total of 109 family members. Among the greetings presented to the meeting is the review of the municipality’s past and present by Matti Kurkela, the mayor of Kuivaniemi.

In connection with this term meeting, a bus trip was made to Veska and Maaninkajärvi monuments to the Jaeger movement. General Väinö Vainio, who was in the skirmish of Maaninkajärvi, promised to come to tell what was going on in Maaninkajärvi on 11 December 1916. For health reasons, he had to cancel his promise and Simo’s active local Reino Salmela introduced the hikers to the history of the Jaeger movement in Maaninkajärvi.

In the picture above, the participants of the family reunion are at the memorial statue of the Jaeger movement in Maaninkajärvi.

Due to the death of Tauno Ellilä, Eila Niskala had to take over the duties of the head of the family association for the rest of the term 1971-1975, just as we were preparing for the fourth family meeting.

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