Term Meeting No. 12, July 23, 2011 Ii

This article discusses the course of the 12th term meeting.

When planning the twelve term meetings, the Board aimed to hold a meeting in the Norwegian Alta. However, that idea did not get the wind out, so the meeting was traditionally held in Kuivaniemi on 23 July 2011. In her opening speech, the head of the family association said: “It may be strange, since I have lived abroad for decades and only spent summers here. But it is the fact that when you look from afar that sharpens your gaze on the essential: we are the ones who have had that happiness, living here on the lands and shores of the Ellilä family, in Finland, in the land of our ancestors. Although only in summer. And all those who no longer live here in Kuivaniemi, permanently or on holiday, have a place here too. For we are all part of this “tribe” of our own, we can meet each other and cherish the heritage that has been given to us. ”

At the term of office, Kirsi Zühlke was re-elected as the head of the family association and chairman of the board. Irja Paaso, Markku Toivola, Seppo Ollikainen, Pentti Ellilä, Pekka Kuusela and Airi Ylipekkala were elected as other members of the Board. Terhi Ellilä, Riitta Rajanen and Vellamo Ikola were elected alternate members. The Board elected Markku Toivola as Deputy Chairman, Irja Paaso as Secretary and Terhi Ellilä as Treasurer.

By the board, Ritva Koskela became the sixth honorary member of the family association at this meeting. Erkki Paaso already had a certificate of honor handed out earlier this summer. The agenda for the meeting was incomplete and therefore the auditors of the minutes were not elected until the end of the meeting. In general, the auditors of the minutes also act as tellers. Fortunately, no tellers were needed at this meeting. In her closing remarks at the meeting, the chairman noted an error. The accounts for the term had not been completed by the time of the meeting, so the discharge of the accounts and liability on the proposal of Jaakko Ellilä was delayed until the 50th anniversary meeting. A decision had already been made to hold a formal meeting at the previous term meeting. It was now decided that it would be held in Kuivaniemi at a time determined by the Board. Pekka Ellilä’s proposal to organize a bus tour introducing the homeland received support. This time, members of the family from Norway and the USA were not present at the meeting, but greetings were sent to them. Contacts with relatives living abroad had been maintained during the term by both the former and current presidents.

Jaakko Ellilä was commendably the local leader of the meeting, so the events went smoothly. Contrary to tradition, the campfire night was not spent in Karinnokka but on the shores of Pentti Ellilä’s holiday home. In this way, mainly because the walk to and from the evening event was considerably shortened.

Pentti Ellilä lighting a campfire in his own
home beach for the enjoyment of the participants in the twelfth term meeting.

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