Term Meeting No. 11, July 7, 2007 Ii

This article discusses the course of the 11th term meeting.

Kuivaniemi managed to operate as an independent municipality for almost 140 years, when it returned to the village of Ii on January 1, 2007. Kuivaniemi and Ii formed a new municipality, and the eleventh term meeting was held on July 7, 2007 at Kuivajoki School. (Former junior high school) in the village of Kuivaniemi in the new municipality of Ii. Maarit Tihinen, Chairman of the Ii Municipal Board, greeted the Municipality of Ii. She was handed the tablecloth of the family association assigned to the municipality of Ii. Already at this meeting it was decided to hold an extraordinary family reunion when the association turns 50 after six years.

The board had already stated before the term meeting that the association of municipalities would not cause the rules to be changed. It was now considered appropriate to take a bus trip to Ii. Erkki Paaso and Pertti Huovinen, who does not belong to the family, spoke about things along Road 4. Pekka Ellilä acted as an interpreter for American relatives. Visited e.g. on the site of the Kestilä steam sawmill, completed in 1860, where a chimney remains. This has been Finland’s first steam saw.

During the term meeting in 2007, before the evening, members of the family from three kingdoms at the home of Pekka Ellilä and Marja-Liisa Rintakoski in Suvanto-Ellilä.

Pictured on the left are Vesa, Pekka Ellilä’s eldest son, Ingrid Bodin-Ellila, Sakari Ellilä, Jaakko Ellilä’s eldest son, Marja-Liisa Rintakoski, Greg Mooney, Kathie Mooney and Ritva Koskela.

Photographed by Niilo Koskela.

After serving as the head of the family association for 28 years, Pekka Ellilä refused to continue in the position.
However, he agreed to serve on the board. Kirsi Zühlke was elected as the new supervisor.

It was planned to travel to the Norwegian Alta in the intervening year. Among the members, the second option was to head to Maaninga in 2009. The trip would be to Halolanmäki, which had been planned before, but it did not take place in the absence of the participants. The same was ahead now. Complained about long distances. In the summer of 2009, a boat cruise was organized in front of Kemi by Katariina. The cruise was historically very interesting. The main destination was Laitakari, which is made up of several small islands. The steam saw has been operating there for almost 80 years and the sawmill waste has been turned into a pier, which was still clearly visible, even 70 years after the end of the sawing. My own interest was to see the city of Kemi from the sea. Partly due to coincidences, only less than 20 members of the family took part in the boat cruise.

If long distances are a real barrier to participating in mid-year meetings, then how can those American relatives visit Finland to see their relatives and their places of residence?

As the number of meetings in the intervening year was so small, the family association arranged a family meeting in Tampere in the summer of 2010, to which there is a reasonable distance from all over Finland. The purpose was to meet the members of the family between the term meetings, as the history of the family does not feel touched in Tampere. In the end, 4 people came from the north by train and 7 people from the south by car. In addition, 3 people joined the evening. The trip was interesting. We visited e.g. In the Amuri Workers’ Museum Quarter and on a lunch cruise in Näsijärvi. There is a “train bus” in Tampere that runs tours of the city. Naturally, we also enjoy this guided service for tourists. Some of the participants were satisfied with the meeting and some were dissatisfied as usual. Interesting sites in themselves, but it would probably also be interesting to explore the landscapes where the ancestors of the family lived and lived in the midst of smokers for centuries. Whoever was presenting Pekka Ellilä’s presentation at the FAMILY ROOT at the 1987 term meeting feels the longing to see the place with his own eyes. The same series of attractions, although not as valuable, includes Laitasaari in Muhos and especially Halosenniemi in Kemijärvi.

It should be noted that these highly coveted family reunions between family reunions have not received enough participants. In order to happen in the future, there must be a change in attitude.

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