Term Meeting No. 10, July 5, 2003 Kuivaniemi

This article discusses the course of the 10th term meeting.

The tenth term meeting was held at the Kuivaniemi Municipal Primary Middle School. It was started by singing the Finnish national anthem together. In his opening speech, Pekka Ellilä, the head of the family association, said that due to coincidences, there are no participants from the United States. He presented the greetings from there. Even from Norway, there was only Ingrid Bodin, who presented a greeting to all the members of the Norwegian family for the term meeting.

Pekka Ellilä pointed out that the Ellilä Family Association now has a 40th anniversary meeting and only a few family associations in Finland reach such a long age. Before opening the meeting, Pekka stated: “Relatives. I have served as YOUR chosen supervisor for two life sentences, 24 years. Choose a new supervisor, because soon it will happen that someone will start to think he is priceless. ” This petition did not help, but the wash continued for another four years.

Mayor Markku Kehus presented a greeting from the municipality of Kuivaniemi with the theme “KUIVANIEMI TODAY”, as the board had hoped from its members. Finally, he stated that the lively activities of the Ellilä Family Association are a great indication of the importance of one’s own roots to a person.

Towards the end of the last millennium, the supply of wild fish has declined, but has been replaced by fish farming. The conference crowd was given a tour of Vatunki and the fish farming in front of it, which takes place in net bags. After visiting the fish collection hall, the breeding bag was visited by a boat from the municipal rescue service. Fish farmer Paavo Kestilä was present with his own boat, which also had interested spectators. Kestilä presented how fish is fed in practice. Not all the hikers wanted to go in the boats, nor would they have been able to accommodate them. They spent time socializing in the harbor area and restaurant at Pooki. In the afternoon we also visited the local history museum.

The picture above shows the board and supervisor of the family association elected at the 40th anniversary meeting.
From left: Tarja Heikkinen, Pekka Paaso, Kirsi Zühlke, Pekka Ellilä, Mai-Lis Korhonen, Reijo Viitala, Hilkka Still, Jorma Ellilä and Ritva Koskela. Sakari Ellilä is missing from the picture.

The secretary of the family association, Pekka Paaso, took the initiative to invite Pekka Ellilä to become an honorary member of the family association. The Term Meeting approved the proposal and the certificate of honorary membership was presented by Pekka Paaso and Vice Chairman Hilkka Still.

When Finland switched from markka to euro, the membership fee was initially charged directly at the exchange rate of € 16.82. At this meeting, it was decided on the Board’s proposal that the membership fee be € 20/4 years.

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