Term Meeting No 1, 13 August 1967 Alta, Norway

This article discusses the course of the 1st term meeting.

Already at its meeting on July 29, 1965, the board of the club discussed the next family meeting and decided to ask Alex Ellila the opinion of the members living in Norway about the time and place of the meeting. Apparently, no unequivocal answer was received, as the Board, in its deliberations on 15 June 1967, proposed the following program for the dates of the first term of office:
will meet at the Kuivaniemi Youth Association House at 12.00. The meeting is opened and the rules of procedure of the meeting are decided. In connection with the meeting days, there will be a field trip to the Norwegian Alta, where a gala meeting will be held. As the matter was put into practice, liaison Alex Ellila promised to arrange for the meeting to be held in Alta, Norway.

The trip to Norway was made by bus (31 people) on the road used by the ancestors up the Tornio River, to the mouth of the Palojoki River, from there to Enontekiö and further through Kautokeino to Alta.
Some Finns (22 people) traveled by car.
The local relatives were a little amazed, but pleasantly surprised by the abundance of guests. After the meal, they attended church services. After that, they gathered in the parish house to hold a family reunion. There were a total of 83 participants in the meeting, of whom 53 were Finnish members.

After the opening of the meeting by Chairman Walfrid Ellilä, he and Alex Ellila from Norway were elected chairman of the meeting, and Toivo Ellilä as secretary. After dealing with regular matters, the arrival of the ancestors in Norway about 100 years ago, their first steps and their final establishment in Ruija as residents and fishermen were described in the records.

The overall picture was taken on the steps of the parish house on August 13, 1967

At the inaugural meeting held on the evening of the meeting, Aulis Kuusela, a new member of the board, was elected secretary of the club. Former Secretary Kauko Toivola had already died in 1965.

The next day we returned to the municipalities. The bus used the route: Odertalen, Lynge, Skibotn and Kilpisjärvi.

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