Term Meeting No. 9, July 31, 1999 Kuivaniemi

This article discusses the course of the 9th term meeting.

The ninth term meeting was held on July 31, 1999 at Kuivaniemi Middle School. In preparation for the meeting, the board decided that “Kari Ellilä’s friends” will be responsible for arranging the campfire evening.
There were 89 participants in the meeting. At the end of his opening speech, Chairman Pekka Ellilä also greeted Riitta Jallinoja and Gunvor Ellilä. Erkki Vakkuri presented a greeting from the municipality of Kuivaniemi.
Aage Ellila greeted the Norwegian guests and Ingrid Bod’s Norwegian relatives.
At the end of the meeting, we could admire the dance performance of Matti Ellilä and Eila Niskala, a couple of Finnish masters of stage dance.

Erkki Paaso introduces the background of his play: “Historians have not given a real picture of the activities of the Jaeger Movement in Kuivajoki in 1916-1917. This is because Jaeger Väinö Vainio was not in front of the Skirmish in Simo or during his stage at Veska’s Jaeger Tap House, but was setting up the Northern Stage Route. In this task, he was involved in an armed battle at the Maaninkajärvi sauna. Jarl Wegelius, a Jaeger, studied the actions of the jaegers in northern Finland after the War of Independence and did not visit the locals in Kuivajoki. For these reasons, neither of them knew what was happening in Kuivaniemi at the time, and their meritorious narratives of history remained incomplete in this regard. That is why I wrote a play about the homeland and our family called Kuivaniemi’s First Lotta. I gave this manuscript to the head of the family association, Pekka Ellilä, and I said: Read that hand and think if it would be of use to the family association. For clarification, Maria Sofia Sanaksenaho, named the first Kuivaniemi Lotta in the Kuivaniemi lot, does not belong to our family. She was the hostess of the Jaeger Tap House in Veska. After reading the text, the supervisor said that according to the rules of the family association, the play is feasible and should be carried out. As it did then. The whole winter of 1998-1999 and still the summer were hardened by rehearsing the play. ”

Actors, 17 of whom are members of the Ellilä Family Association. Director Seija Aho is sitting in the front right.

The picture was taken in the old town hall of Raati in Oulu. Photographer Pentti Soini, pictured far left. The photo is owned by the Ellilä Family Association. In the back row is the Norppa Quartet, which performed the songs included in the play.

Kuivaniemi’s first play Lotta was directed by Seija Aho. A newspaper article says he said, “History has remained pretty clean.” The performance was complemented by the Kuivaniemi singing group “Norppa Quartet” performing the songs included in the play. The production of the play added to the work of the board. Throughout the 1995-1999 term, it met 10 times, with normally barely half of them. A portable auditorium for about 150 spectators was built together with the local association for outdoor performances. The props were assembled roughly on their own, but sponsors were also needed. Because the director was hired by the civic college, the actors had to be students of the civic college. Their course fee was paid by the family association. The municipality of Kuivaniemi provided a grant of FIM 1,000 to complete the play. The Board decided that Governor Eino Siuruainen, Chairman of the Voluntary National Defense Association, and Reijo Sallinen, Chairman of the Oulu Department of the Jääkäripataljoona 27 tradition association, could be invited to watch the play as guests of honor; invitations for two. In addition to these, it was decided to invite Eero Kokko, the current owner of Veska’s jaeger tap house and the son of the leader of the iceberg movement.

Although Pekka Ellilä acted as the main organizer, the board named Kauko Ollikainen and Matti Ellilä, who appeared in the play, to promote the project. The first presentation was in connection with the ninth term meeting of the family association. Due to the play, the program of the term meeting also differed from the fact that traditionally the wreaths were laid on the cross of the hero and the grave of Iivari Ellilä, but also on the memorial of the jaeger movement Veska. Antti Ellilä, Kauko Ollikainen and Eeva Paaso carried out the wreath patrol there. The play was performed a total of seven times: once in Ii and once in Oulu’s former City Hall. The last show was in the yard of Veska’s icebreaker house in 2002 in connection with the iceberg expedition of the national homeland days. The director of the play gave recognition to the head of the family club for the successful organization of the organization. The family club has been working hard with this play for five years.

About 1,500 people watched the play. It asked for a lot of resources, but the supervisor had enough idea to do other activities as well. To a large extent, his personal contribution must be counted in maintaining the comfort and well-being of the actors during the rehearsal period.

In connection with the term meeting, the genealogy list, the table standard, joint photos and presentations prepared for previous term meetings were sold.

In order to maintain the membership of the family association, a membership fee of FIM 25 had to be paid each year. On Olavi Ollikainen’s proposal, the membership fee for the family association was decided to be FIM 100/4 years. T

In connection with each term meeting, the Ellilä family society has honored the heroes after the church, laying a conifer wreath on the statue and a flower device on the heroic grave of Captain Iivari Ellilä.
In 1999, the counters from the left were Jorma Ellilä, Pekka Ellilä and Matti Ellilä.

Photographed by Ritva Koskela

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