This article discusses the course of the inaugural meeting.

The ideological purpose of the family association

According to the rules of the family association (§ 2), the purpose of the association is to find out the stages and history of the Ellilä family, nurture related traditions and promote a sense of togetherness among family members. In order to achieve its purpose, the club shall, as far as possible, organize family reunions, family dates, excursions and other comparable events, etc.

Family reunion 21-22.6.1963 Kuivaniemi

The first family reunion cannot yet be called the term meeting of the family association, because the family association had not yet been established. The primary purpose of the meeting was clearly to create a foundation for the Ellilä Family Society.
On May 30, 1963, the newspaper Pohjolan Sanomat had the following announcement:

According to history, Walfrid Ellilä, Hannes Paaso, Toivo Ellilä and Kauko Toivola were the main members of the committee. No personal invitations were sent. In addition to the newspaper announcement, information about the meeting was disseminated through the exchange of information between members of the family, either orally or in correspondence.

The meeting was opened by Hannes Paaso. He spoke about the older stages of the family and the need to gather in Kuivaniemi during the genealogy to establish an association uniting the family. Walfrid Ellilä was elected chairman of the meeting. He spoke about his first contact with a family branch living in Norway and the inspiration he gave to start researching the family, as well as about the different stages of genealogical research. Alex Ellila spoke about the genealogy in Norway and the prevalence of the family.

Kauko Toivola was elected secretary of the meeting. According to the minutes he wrote, the meeting decided to establish an Ellilä family society. The meeting set up a committee tasked with handling practical matters to legalize the club. Tauno Ellilä was elected to the committee as a legal expert. Other members were Eila Niskala, Hannes Paaso, Walfrid Ellilä, Toivo Ellilä and Kauko Toivola and Alex Ellila from Norway. The committee was authorized to act as the association’s board. The municipality of Kuivaniemi was accepted as the association’s seat. The membership fee was FIM 2 per year.

A joint photo of the first family reunion of the Ellilä family society was taken on the steps of Kuivaniemi church. The meeting was attended by 110 family members, 15 of whom were Norwegians.

On Midsummer’s Day, the committee organized and elected Walfrid Ellilä as chairman, Kauko Toivola as secretary and Toivo Ellilä as housekeeper.

The rules drafting committee entrusted Tauno Ellilä, Professor of Law.
The official rules of the established family association were approved by the Finnish National Board of Patents and Registration on August 24, 1965, and the official name became Ellilän Sukuseura r.y.

Since 1963, the term meetings of the family association have been held every four (4) years.

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