Pictured is Lauri Ellilä e Kakko, born 1761, ancestral family tree taken from the Sukujutut system.
This picture shows his spouse, ancestors, and immediate descendants at the same time.

Compared to the paper genealogy completed in 1963, the image drawn by the Sukujutut system gives a very clear view of Lauri Ellilä’s family environment.

Current affairs

The article of the origin of the surname Ellilä states that already in the late 16th century the ancestors of the Ellilä family lived in Karinnokka, Kuivaniemi. Almost four hundred (400) years passed from that time before the Ellilä Family Association originated at the founding meeting of the association in Kuivaniemi in 1963.
As a result of years of work, a paper family book known as Ellilä’s Family Story (Genealogy article) was compiled for this meeting. This, too, took another 45 years before the genealogy data was stored on a computer in the Sukujutut system.

For privacy reasons, it is not practically possible to publish the family tree on the website, as this would require the consent of each living family member attached to the family tree. On the other hand, there is usually no information in the Sukujutut system that could be used by any criminal party to commit identity theft. On this basis, it is safe to pass on the data of all people belonging to the family to the Sukujutut system.

What is reported in the family tree and how

Genealogy is covered in more detail in the Information section of the Genealogy article.
From the point of view of the family association, it is an essential part of non-profit activities and fulfills the purpose set out in section 2 of the rules.
The current goal is therefore to focus on posterity research, which seeks to find out the data on the offspring, survivors and births of the various genera in recent years.

The Society’s genealogy follows the code of conduct prepared by the steering group of the Finnish Genealogical Society’s legal advocacy project (2013). The steering group also included a representation from the Finnish Family History Association and the Confederation of Family Associations. These rules have been audited by the Finnish State Data Protection Commissioner.

As a general rule, the Society’s genealogy does not use source material other than the information provided by the person belonging to the family. At a minimum, basic information about a person is needed: last name, first name, and year of birth in order for the club board to be able to position the person in their family tree in their own place. Basic information also includes a person’s spouse and children. As the Code of Conduct emphasizes, no sensitive information is collected about individuals under any circumstances.
Data collection is an ongoing process as members of the genus are born, mated, and die over time.

In addition to the forms presented below, it is of course possible to report family information in free form either by e-mail (sihteeri@ellilansuku.fi) or by letter to the postal address provided in the contact information.

Two forms are used to report the information:

  • Family Tree Information – indicating the person, the possible spouse and parental information.
  • Children In the Family Tree  – provides information about the children in the family.

The pdf template is downloaded from the website to the user’s device. The form template will be filled out after leaving the website and sent to the club secretary either as an email attachment or by mail.


Download the help to your device before downloading any other forms

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You can then follow the instructions to download other forms.

Download the Completed Sample Forms to familiarize yourself with the contents of the forms

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Download the Family Tree Information form to your device

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The form is filled in using Acrobat Reader outside the website.

Download the Children In the Family Tree form to your device

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The form is filled in using Acrobat Reader outside the website.

Data completion situation

A person who completes a family tree does not have to be a member of the club, but anyone in the family can do so. The aim is to find out the veracity of the information by the club and not to record ambiguities in the family tree.

When a family member wants to complete his or her own family’s information in the Sukujutut register and does not know what the family tree situation is for him or her in the register, he or she can send a clarification request message to the club secretary. In this request, in addition to his or her own identification and contact information, he or she must also provide the information of one of his or her ancestors who has already been entered in the deed register so that the club secretary can verify the legitimacy of the request. If the Secretary does not have the opportunity to clarify the justification, he will contact the sender of the request.
After confirming the legitimacy of the request, the secretary of the club produces the desired status report and sends it to the sender of the request for clarification to complete the information.

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