Pictured is Adolf Laurinpoika Ellilän, born in 1851 in the family tree of ancestors. In this picture, his spouse, ancestors and immediate descendants can be seen at the same time.

Compared to the paper genealogy completed in 1963, the image drawn by the Sukujutut system gives a very clear view of Adolf Ellilä’s family environment.


According to genealogy articles, the stages of the family branches of the Ellilä family have been elucidated until the end of the 16th century. At the time of the founding of the Family Society in 1963, the first paper family book was published, which over the years has been supplemented with several paper sequels.

In 2008, the recording of paper genealogy data in the Sukujutut system began.
This information has been supplemented by current generations, with the publication this year (2021) of the first digital pedigree containing information on Branches to date.
The family book, of course, is constantly being supplemented as family members report changes in the lives of those close to them.

On the left an excerpt from the pedigree (Adolf Ellilä) and on the right the family tree of his children and ancestors.

Ote sukukirjasta Adolf Ellilän kohdalta
Adolf Ellilän sukupuu

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The advantage of joining is that the new member receives an electronic up-to-date pedigree and the family tree of their ancestors to their e-mail address after paying the membership fee for the current term (€ 20).
In addition, a person can join the Ellilän Sukuseura WhatsApp if they wish.

In accordance with the rules of the family club, the board of the club approves the membership at the request of the person.
In addition to the form presented below, it is of course possible to apply for membership of the club in free form either by e-mail (sihteeri@ellilansuku.fi) or by letter to the postal address provided in the contact information.

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Processing of a membership application

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Once the grounds for membership (family association rules) have been clarified in due course, the membership can be confirmed and a confirmation of acceptance of the membership sent to the applicant in the form of the printout below.

Person Information

Membership services for club members

In order to use the Member Service, the above information must be stored by the Member.

Each service request must include the member’s personal number.
Based on this, the club’s clerk finds out from the Sukujutut register whether the member is entitled to use the service of the family association he or she has requested.
If the service request is for information obtained from the Sukujutut register, the club’s clerk will print the desired reports and send them to the contact e-mail address electronically (free delivery) or to the street address provided by post with a postal invoice (paid delivery).
It should be noted that a delivery address that differs from the register information cannot be provided in connection with the service request. If the contact information has changed from the information provided in the Personal Information, it must be updated using the Family Tree Information form.

Personal information of current members

Existing members who do not have a valid email or street address in the Sukujutut Registry can report missing address information using the street and email address information provided in the Family Tree Information form in the NOTIFIER section. Confirmation of personal address information will be sent free of charge to either email or street address.

Another way to provide addresses is to send them by e-mail (sihteeri@ellilansuku.fi) or by letter to the postal address given in the contact information. 

Resignation from the club

When a member leaves the club, the membership of the family association must be entered on the form in addition to the normal personal information provided by the member at the approval stage, so that the club’s official can confirm the membership. As with accepting a membership, a person will be sent a free confirmation message when they withdraw from the membership.

Dismissal from club membership

The same Family Association membership form is also used to be completed by a club clerk when a member is expelled from the club. For additional information, the dismissed member shall be informed of the grounds for dismissal

Please note the condition of member service

For honorary members of the family association, membership services are free of charge, except for postage.
Execution of each member service request from other members requires that the applicant is an active member of the family association and that the membership fee (€ 20) has been paid to the family association’s bank account for the current term.

Member services are presented in a separate article.