The purpose of this article is to find out where Ellilä came from.

After the Family Meeting in August 2019 Pekka Ellilä visited the Alta region of northern Norway, where one branch of the Ellilä family had migrated.
During the visit John Andreas Ellila raised a misrepresentation of the origin of the Ellilä surname in an article in Alta Post 20 years ago.

The purpose of this story is to correct this misrepresentation, and therefore quotes a passage from Ellilä Sukuseura r.y’s genealogy report of 1963, entitled “Sukunimi – Ellilän alkuperä”.

“As early as 1598, Pekka Kaikkonen and his brother Matti are known to have settled on what is now known as the Karinniemi peninsula between the Kuivajoki and Putaanoja (Gulf of Bothnia), which at that time was still the island joined the continent during shallow water. In 1607 Martti, the son of Pekka Kaikkonen, founded the settlement (estate) at the above location. In 1626 there was no Martti on the farm, but the land register mentions the wife of Martin’s wife, Elli Eerikintytär, and was named in the land register as “Ellie änckia” and the neighbors began to call it Ellilä.”

“The name Ellilä has thus come from Elli Eerikintytär, who was married to Martti Pekanpoika Kaikkonen, and when Martti was a warrior and a sick man, she prevailed and ruled the farm. Among the villagers, the place was named Kari, which is an acronym for Tiironkari. This name has been on the farm since 1751.”

This place is currently featured in the cover page of the ELLILÄ UNITED facebook group and in the photos, the “Founder farm of the Family”.

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