Family Meeting Photo 2019

The 15th regular family meeting of the Ellilä Family was held on August 3-4, 2019 in the Landscape Restaurant Merihelmi in the village of Kuivaniemi, Ii.
This time, the number of people attending the meeting was low and most of it was from the domestic chamber.

Mr. Alzheimer’s play

Seurantalo Kirkkotie 17, 95110 Kuivaniemi kirkonkylä

The event kicked off on Saturday 3.8 at noon with a theatrical performance at the Herra Alzheimer in Kuivaniemi kirkonkylä
The performance was an open public event, but there were dozens of people attending the family meeting.
Admittedly, the role of the family was not limited to the audience, as Pentti Ellilä and Antti Ellilä were cast in the lead role.

The background of the play is the Ii Institute Ii Institute Civic College and Art School.
Each year it organizes a course called “The Role Changers” for anyone interested in acting.
The aim of this course is to produce an annual summer performance that will be presented at local summer events.
It gives you a complete picture of the conversion of text into a finished presentation.
The teacher is now Sanna Kluuker, who has also directed the play by Herra Alzheimer.

The playwright Kuivaniemi’s Role Changers has performed this play in several arenas during the summer and fall of 2019.
However, this is a hobby activity, and perhaps that is why the participants put themselves in the game seriously, that is, their attitude is “nurtured”, which is also rewarded by the audience.

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According to the playwright, Mr Alzheimer is a comedic story about a man who, in addition to a possible disease, has peculiar features and is not always known to people in the care sector.
Dementia is probably the topmost disease, but a woman may not always be sure where to go about cunning and illness.
One professor thinks this play is therapeutic for the people around them.

Would marriage help, or should the ration dose be increased.
The care of Mr. Alzheimer (Pentti Ellilä) requires a creative mind from a doctor (Pekka Riepula) and a wife (Sirkka Junes).
The protagonist’s close circle does not always keep track of whether the man is driven by a desire to fight or memory.


Evening at Pentti Ellilä’s cottage in Karinnokka
Karinnokantie 79, 95110 Kuivaniemi kirkonkylä

On Saturday August 3 at 5 p.m., a group of family members (20-30 people) gathered at the Pentti’s Cottage near the family’s main farm (pictured on the front page of the site).
Jaako Ellilä guided the arrivals of the family in the yard area of ​​the family home and guided the visitors to the Gulf of Bothnia shore.
The host had covered the summer offer with plenty to offer: coffee, refreshments, beer, sausage and large griddle pancakes.

However, the summer weather did not ease the warmth (over +10 Celsius), but fortunately the rain did not spoil the outdoor event.

Socializing went in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying the service.

Many thanks to the event organizers.

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To the surprise of the organizers, the Kuivaniemi Folk Music Group arrived and entertained the audience with their playing and singing accompaniment.
Fortunately, somebody had noticed that the singers did not remember the lyrics of the songs, and therefore had reserved a song for the memory.

A few of the old buildings have been preserved in the yard of the main farm, reminiscent of times past.

On the other hand, time cannot be prevented, the modern day is represented by the Vatunki Wind Park, which is built for the production of electricity and can be seen from the shore of the Pentti summer spot towards the mouth of the River Kuivajoki.

Over time, the river has transported sand so that you can wade a long way from the shore before reaching the depth of swimable water.

Traditional mass in Kuivaniemi Church
Kirkonkyläntie 105, 95110 Kuivaniemi kirkonkylä

Sunday 4.8. in Kuivaniemi Church opened a service with communions.
Pastor Tapani Ruotsalainen was assisted by Markku Toivola, Chairman of the Board of the association, in reading the Bible.

In connection with the religious revelations, members of the family also paid tribute to the memory of Erkki Paaso, a member of the deceased relative’s family in June 2019, and his wife Aino Paaso.

After the service, Markku Toivola, Chairman of the Board and Merja Korkala-Harju, Member of the Board, laid a wreath on the Hero’s Memorial and Pentti Ellilä, a member of the Board, and Ritva Koskela, formerly on the board, to Iivari Ellilä’s tomb.

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After the wreaths were lowered, they then moved to Merihelmi to hold an official family association term 2015-2019 meeting.

Family Meeting 2019 in Merihelmi
Rynkyntie 15 95100 Kuivaniemi, Finland

Sunday 4.8. the main event began at noon lunch and coffee and took a joint photo before the actual term of office.
Markku Toivola, Chairman of the Board, will open the term meeting on August 4, 2019 at 2 pm.

Next, the agenda of the meeting is presented and approved, and the meeting is declared legal and quorum.
Invitations to the meeting have been posted in good time by email, published in Rantapohja local newspaper, on the family’s website and on facebook.
Markku Toivola will give a speech about his background and why and how he became Chairman of the Board.
Finally, he presents the activity report for the previous period.

Chairman Jaako Ellilä asks if there is anyone to add to the annual report.
Attendees do not have to add to the annual report.

A quiet moment will be held to honor the late members of the family.

The auditors Ritva Juntunen and Jaako Ellilä have reviewed the report (including the accounts).
Presentation of the accounts and balance sheets of the association and the approved government proposal for the recording of profits and losses.
The opinion of the auditors was heard.
The financial statements are authorized and the accounts are discharged.

Proposals for the incoming presidency will be received.
Chairman Jaako proposes Markku Toivola. Markku asks for the floor and says he is not available.
Markku suggests Heikki Ellilä. Supportive.
Discussion on the election of the chairman for the term of office.
With strong support, Heikki Ellilä is elected as the new chairman for the term 2019-2023.

Eight (8) members of the board of directors of the family association will be elected.
The following members of the Board of Directors are proposed: Kimmo Ellilä, Seppo Ollikainen, Maria Oikarainen, Riitta Rajanen, Irja Savela, Merja Korkala-Harju, Tarja Palsa, Anne-Marie Ellilä.
The proposed Markku Toivola, Jorma Ellilä, Pekka Ellilä and Maire Vänttilä say that they are not available.
The eight proposed persons will be elected as members of the Board for the next term. No alternates shall be elected.

It is proposed that Jaako Ellilä be the auditor for the next term.
Heikki Ellilä asks for the floor and states that an association of this size has one auditor.
It is proposed to reserve Jorma Ellilä.
Elected Jaako Ellilä as acting auditor and Jorma Ellilä as alternate.

Napsauta kuvaa katsoaksesi sitä tarkemmin.

Sulje tarkennettu kuva oikeassa yläkulmassa olevalla rastilla.

Pentti Ellilä is granted honorary membership. Markku Toivola presents Pentti with a certificate of merit for working in a family association.
In addition, secretary Irja Savela (right) is commemorated with flowers, having served as chairman for the past two terms.

The next term of office will be held in four years’ time in 2023. Then the club’s 60th birthday. celebration event.
The new board will take up the matter, decide more precisely on the time and place, and convene the 2023 term.

Heikki Ellilä gives a presentation on the Family Tree and Family Web Site.

Pekka Ellilä asks for the floor and says that messages and greetings from relatives around the world have come to the meeting.

Jaakko Ellilä, Chairman of the meeting, would like to thank the participants and organizers and the meeting will end at 3.45 pm.

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Local newspaper Rantapohja also reported Ellilä Family Meeting  in the next week’s magazine.

Family Meeting 2019 is crowned with a joint photo of the 2015-2019 term of office.

The 50th anniversary meeting of the Society in 2013 presented the 50th anniversary of the Ellilä Family Association.
The new government aims to supplement it with the past 10 years, ie closing the gap to 2023.

See you in 2023 at the club’s 60th anniversary meeting!