General situation regarding the availability of family products

As is well known, the family association does not have its own premises. The same situation applies to the storage of family products.
Some products (banners, Aikamatka dvd and pins) are in stock pending delivery.
Some of the products (Kuivaniemen Ensimmäinen dvd and Sukuseura’s woolen gloves) can be ordered, but there are no deadlines for the delivery time. For these, the supplier and the preliminary price are known.
For some of the products (the history of the Family Society and the paper version of the Family Book), the supplier is not known, and therefore the delivery time and price estimate are not known.

In addition to availability, some products are burdened by Finnish language. The DVDs only speak Finnish and there are no Swedish or English subtitles, let alone dubbing. The family history book is only in Finnish and there is no prospect of translating it into Swedish or English. This is a shame, because Erkki Paaso has done a tremendous job in compiling the histories and they contain the majority of the history of the family and kinship.

Order part for family products and a barrel of wishes

Through this article, a member of a family association who is eligible for the family association membership service can order one or more available family products for themselves.
Family products created during the existence of the Family Association are presented under the History menu in the Family Products article under Family Association History section.
The ordered family products will be delivered to the member’s registered street address, it is not possible to give a different address when ordering.

If the contact information has changed from the one provided in the member’s Personal Information, it must be updated using the Family Association Membership form.
In connection with updating the contact information, the member receives his or her personal number as feedback, for example to refresh the memory.
The new member will receive their own personal identification number as feedback on acceptance.

The fulfillment of a family tree printout order from non-honorary members requires that the subscriber has paid his or her membership fee for the current term.
The member’s personal identification number is therefore a mandatory information when ordering.


Possible family products in stock

Products to be ordered separately

Selection of the parent in the pedigree

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