Homepage version 1.0

 will be released in July 2019, more specifically its public section.
Publicity in this context means that it is visible to all network users and does not require the user to log on to the site. This version includes a short description of the association, topical section, the presentation of the board 2015-2019 and a feedback form.
Two categories have been created for the topical section: general and family reunion, each with one article.

The version does, however, fill the gap in the operation of the family reunion, that is, it brings the operators (the chairman, the secretary, the board) an excellent method to communicate with the users of the site. Using the feedback form a user of the homepage can  take a stand on the activity of the family reunion and the board can give its own response by email.

In the beginning of the term 2019-2023 will be presented the version 1.1. This version includes the new board presentation, its operators’ categories for topical section, description of the procedures for purchasing and delivering family products and the maintenace form to update family registry.

Operators can publish articles about the genealogy activities that can be commented by the site’s users. Each operator also has a personal email address that can be used for bilateral conversation between operator and individual site user.

During the term 2019-2023 the board will have the opportunity to start planning the website membership service.  Membership service requires user registration and usage requires a personal user identification and password. In any case, the operations must comply with applicable data protection laws and regulations. As a rule, the usage of the membership service requires the membership of the association and payment of membership fees.

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