Term Meeting No. 13, August 9, 2015 Ii

This article discusses the course of the 13th term meeting.

The term meeting was held in the village of Kuivaniemi, Ii municipality, in the landscape restaurant Merihelmi.
Chairman Markku Toivola will open the meeting and give a welcome speech. Jaako Ellilä will be elected as the chairman of the meeting, Irja Paaso as the secretary, Jorma Ellilä and Matti Ellilä as the tellers and auditors of the minutes will be elected. Chairman Markku Toivola will read the report of the Board of Directors.
The financial statements of the association for the term of office 2011-2014 are presented, confirmed and approved.
Based on the opinion of the auditors, discharge of the accounts and liability is granted to the accountable persons.

The chairman will be elected for the 2015-2019 term. Markku Toivola, Pentti Ellilä, Jaakko Kiuttu and Reijo Korkala will be presented. Pentti and Reijo are pulled out of these. Voting will be on Jaakko Kiuttu and Markku Toivola. A total of 39 votes will be cast and 5 abandoned votes. 33 votes for Markku Toivola and 6 votes for Jaakko Kiuttu. Markku Toivola is elected chairman of the family association for the next 4-year term.

The board is elected. Presented by Jaakko Kiuttu, Petteri Ellilä, Merja Korkala-Harju, Tarja Palsa, Riitta Rajanen, Pentti Ellilä, Pekka Ellilä and Irja Paaso. Merja Korkala-Harju is not present but has given her consent. Jaakko Kiuttu is not present either, but has given his consent. In addition, Ritva Koskela and Reijo Korkala are proposed, but they will be withdrawn. Eight members shall be elected. Accepted. No alternates shall be elected.

Election inspectors are elected. Seppo Ollikainen, Ritva Koskela, Jaako Ellilä and Osmo Korkala are proposed. Ritva and Osmo will be withdrawn, so Seppo Ollikainen and Jaako Ellilä will be elected. Ritva Juntunen and Marjaana Klemetti are proposed as alternates. Elected.

Honorary membership is granted to Jaako Ellilä. In addition, the previously awarded honorary diploma will be handed over to Antti Ellilä, who is not present. The certificate is taken home to him.

The next term meeting will be held in 2019. Markku Toivola proposes that the meeting be held again in Kuivaniemi. The board will choose a more specific time and place. Pekka Ellilä explains the proposal that it is good to tell history to younger people in connection with term meetings.

Discussion on streamlining the program in connection with the term meetings. A meeting may also be convened for the sole purpose of planning the term meeting.

Ritva Koskela is looking for pictures of the term meetings -67 and -71. If anyone has these, then contact her. In addition, she suggested that the minutes could be put by email to all members. The proposal receives support. An audited report will be emailed to members.

After the term meeting, Markku Toivola, Chairman, also received a correction request from the Finnish National Board of Patents and Registration (FNBPR) on 12 August 2015 regarding the above-mentioned conflict of rule change. He signed the signatory change notification on 21 August 2015 and the FNBPR finally approved the amendment on 24 August 2015.

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