Ellilä Family Association 50th Anniversary Meeting 4 August 2013, Ii

This article discusses the course of the 50th anniversary meeting.

Already in the autumn of 2011, the Board of Directors began preparations for the 50th anniversary meeting to be held in the summer of 2013 by electing a celebration committee, to which Kirsi Zühlke (as the Chairman), Markku Toivola, Pekka Kuusela, Pentti Ellilä and Irja Paaso (as the Secretary). The original rules of the family association have come to terms with 50 years with little change. Legislation renewed with the EU requires changes to the association’s rules. To prepare for this task, the Board has appointed a committee consisting of Kirsi Zühlke, Irja Paaso, Vellamo Ikola and Seppo Ollikainen. The revised rules are to be confirmed at a formal meeting. Many issues have been raised during the summer of 2012 to make the anniversary meetings a success. It is appropriate to assume that members of the family who have not previously visited the roots of the family will attend the party. They might be interested in seeing more than just the King’s Road in Kuivaniemi. Those who have seen places in the past could bleed memory.

The 50th anniversary meeting was held on August 4, 2013 in the landscape restaurant Merihelmi in the village of Kuivaniemi, Ii municipality. Kirsi Zühlke, chairman of the family association, opened the meeting. Jaako Ellilä was elected as the Chairman of the 50th Anniversary Meeting, Irja Paaso as the Secretary, Pentti Ellilä and Matti Ellilä as the auditors and tellers of the minutes. The greetings received at the formal meeting are presented:

  • Ii municipality:            Erkki Taskila
  • Homeland Association: Antti Ellilä
  • War veterans of Kuivaniemi: Pekka Ellilä

After the greetings, a quiet moment is observed in memory of the relatives who have fallen asleep.
The opinion of the auditors, which has been postponed from the 2011 Term Meeting to this meeting, is presented. The auditor’s report is approved.

Introducing the new rules of the family association. There will be a debate as to whether the rules can be decided at this meeting. Pekka Ellilä reminds that the rules must be decided at the term meeting. A few people recall that it was decided at the previous meeting that the rules would be decided at this meeting. At the end of the debate, the chairman shall decide that the rules shall be adopted.
The 50-year history of the family association is presented by Erkki Paaso.
The family association will donate the history to Erkki and it will be announced that the book can be ordered at this meeting. The chairman says the history will be translated into English.

Antti Ellilä is awarded an honorary membership for his meritorious activities in the family association.

Eeva Paaso donates three books she has written to the family association

  1. Rakas isä, kära pappa
  2. Sukupuu lehtii
  3. Tallella eletty elämä.

Kirsi Zühlke, the chairman of the board of the family association, announces that if someone does not want their name to be published in the photos related to the party of the family association, Kirsi can be notified.
In addition, in order for us to publish the name of a member of a family association in an online family tree, the person must consent to this. Consent is obtained by emailing Kirsi Zühlke (mail@kirsi-zuehlke.de) his/her name and date of birth.

Information about the association’s obligations under Finnish law

The Finnish National Board of Patents and Registration (later FNBPR) maintains a register of associations, in which information on registered associations is entered. The register contains, for example, the rules of the association and the signatories, ie the persons who have the right to act on behalf of the association. The signatory must be at least 18 years old, ie an adult. The incapacitated or bankrupt cannot act as the signatory of the association. The chairman must live in Finland.
If he or she does not have a permanent residence in Finland, an exemption permit from the FNBPR is required.

A registered association is required to make a change notice upon its:

  • address and/or contact information change
  • the chairman and/or signatories of the board change
  • the rules change, changing the name also requires changing the rules,
    the amended rules must be attached to the notification

Notification of change can be made on paper or electronically, but it is possible signed only by the chairman of the board of the association entered in the register of associations (FNBPR).

Rule change conflict 2014-2015

However, the thirteenth term did not run like “in Strömsö”, as the Finnish National Board of Patents and Registration (FNBPR) did not approve the new rules of the family association approved by the 2013 50th Anniversary Meeting.
On 22 July 2014, Chairman Kirsi Zühlke received a correction request from the FNBPR requesting that the notice of change in the rules be amended due to both a procedural and a formal error.
Procedural error: When Kirsi was elected Chairman of the Board of the Association after Pekka Ellilä at the 2007 Term Meeting, the Association did not notify the FNBPR of a change of signatory about the change of Chairman. On the other hand, she also did not live in Finland, as required by the Association Act on the chairman. Kuivaniemi, the association’s domicile, had to be repaired as a formal error, because there was no such municipality anymore. It was also necessary to specify in Section 11 (5) “the financial statements for the financial year are presented” to “the financial statements are presented for each financial year (4 pieces)”. This is because according to the Accounting Act, the financial year of an existing association is 12 months and the term of office of the association is 48 months (4 years).

The amendment to the rules was therefore not approved, because the notification of the amendment to the rules can only be signed by the chairman of the board of the association entered in the FNBPR’s register of associations. Pekka Ellilä was still entered in the FNBPR’s register as chairman and not Kirsi Zühlke.
Apparently, Kirsi did not want to apply for an exemption from the FNBPR because of her country of residence, and she resigned as chairman at the turn of 2014-2015. Vice Chairman Markku Toivola took over the chairman’s term of office until the end of the 2011-2015 term.

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