Chairman of the Board: Markku Toivola

  • A 73-year-old-pensioner who has been working in the business for ages
  • Active family member in the second generation

Secretary of the Board: Irja Savela

  • she lives in Oulu
  • she is on child care leave as a speech therapist
  • her hobby is running and singing karaoke 
  • she has been involved in the family reunion since 2011

Member of the Board: Merja Korkala-Harju

  • she lives in Keminmaa
  • she is working as a management assistant at Lappia, Kemi-Tornionlaakso
  • the family includes a spouse Erkki and 2 adult children, Niko and Ella
  • she does outdoor activities (skiing, walking, hiking and swimming in the open air during winter) 
  • she has been in the board for this season 

Member of the Board: Pekka Ellilä

  • he lives in his own house by the river Kuivajoki
  • he has retired from the Maritime Administration’s Master of Ship since 2006 (35.5 v)
  • he is engaged in hunting, berry and mushroom picking and association activities
  • he has been an active member of Ellilä family since 1963, with several periods as secretary and chairman

Member of the Board: Pentti Ellilä

  • he lives in Haukipudas
  • he is retired, age 73 years   
  • he is in the board for second season
  • he is engaged in Nordic walking and acting as role changers in Kuivaniemi   

Member of the Board: Petteri Ellilä

  • he is a married man, born in Oulu 51 years ago 
  • he has 30 years of experience in the field of wireless data transfer, ie telecommunications
  • his hobbies include tourism, vacation and endurance sports in summer and winter, the main types of mountain biking

Member of the Board: Riitta Rajanen

  • she lives in Heinäpää Oulu
  • she will enhoy the summer cottage at the Kuivaniemi Pohjoisranta area
  • she is working in the bank office and she is the mother of four adult girls 

Member of the Board: Tarja Palsa

  • she lives in Kemi
  • she works in the OP team and is involved in managing clients’ banking and insurance matters
  • this is her 1st season in the board 
  • her hobbies include outdoor activities, skiing in the winter and jogging in the summer  
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