Board Release 2021 09

Dear members of the Ellilä family,

With the pandemic, we have been living in exceptional times for more than a year.
Year 2021 which has been dominated and is still being dominated by the Covid-19, has reached the halfway. Hopefully none of our family members have contracted the virus, and hopefully as vaccination rates increase, life will return to normal as soon as possible.

The current board of the family association for the period 2019-2023 became elected by the family at the regular term meeting held in Ii, Kuivaniemi on August 3-4, 2019. The membership of the board remained partly the same and partly changed. Heikki Ellilä was elected the Chairman. Board members live in different places of our country, so we have kept and we will keep our meetings electronically via SKYPE.
Heikki Ellilä has created his own family association’s website, which can be found at
Please feel free to check it! Heikki Ellilä has also creditably translated the pages of the family society both in Swedish and English. On that site you can find a comprehensive and an updated information package related to Ellilä family. You can also find on Facebook the Ellilä family social media account called the Ellilä United, which is administered by our family member Kirsi Zühlke. She will accept people related to the group. This group is an internal forum for discussion among its members and has no formal role in the operation of Ellilä family association.

At the moment, our membership is relatively small, and the new members, who are interested in our family society and its activities, age and gender irrespective, are being needed. One of the great reasons to become a member is that Heikki Ellilä has compiled an electronic family tree from the members of the Ellilä family. Each person who has paid the membership fee of the family association (price 20 € / person) will be able to examine a family tree from her/his own computer, at a separate request addressed to the Secretary in order to receive personalized information by email or snail mail. So the family tree is not in public displayed on the website. At the moment the Ellilä family book is available only electronically, and it can be delivered as an e-mail attachment. The board of the Ellilä Family Society is currently investigating the costs of the printed version of the family book, and the possibility of adding it to a list of the Ellilä family sales products. In the future, it will also be possible to purchase the family society’s sales products from the family society website.

The membership fee covers one term at a time, currently 2019-2023. When there is a change in the information of a member of the family association, for example through marriage and with a changed surname, it may be notified to the secretary by e-mail

Who wants to become a member of the Ellilä family club and pay the membership fee, here is an bank account number:

Osuuspankki FI40 5741 7040 0067 91; amount € 20.00/person.
In the message field enter the name and home address of each payer.

A warm welcome to become a member of the Ellilä family and to join family activities!
We kindly ask you to forward this letter to our Ellilä family relatives,so that this letter would reach as many relatives as possible.

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