Principle of communication

Due to the limited resources of the family association, we recommend electronic channels for communication between family members and the association.
As the primary channel of communication, we highlight e-mail, not least because it leaves both parties with a documentary about the discussion.
Therefore, we hope that the e-mail address will be present during the various registrations.

E-mail addresses

By far the most cost-effective way to communicate between individuals and the family association today is through email conversation.

Depending on the transaction type, one of the following is selected:

To chairman:
To treasurer:
To secretary:


To the chairman may be sent general messages concerning the family association, to the treasurer messages related to the family association’s membership fees and family product invoices, and to the secretary messages related to the family tree and family association membership.

WhatsApp group: Ellilän Sukuseura

Members who join the family association will be added to the above-mentioned WhatsApp group by default, provided the phone number and WhatsApp membership are attached.

Naturally, this is the fastest and easiest way to communicate between members and family association clerk about the issue.

In the spirit of the website, WhatsApp can be used as the language of the message Finnish, Swedish or English.

The WhatsApp group of the Ellilän Sukuseura is also ideal for the short communication purposes of the members of the association. The messages presented in the group are, of course, visible to all members and clerks of the association after the message has been sent.

Postal address of the association

As the family association does not have its own premises, according to Finnish practice, the postal address of the registered association is attached to the chairman’s home address:

c/o Heikki Ellilä
Jäppiläntie 11
07500 Askola
Finland, Europe


All correspondence addressed to the association may be sent to this address by post.

If a family member wants to be contacted in hard copy by mail, the association will unfortunately have to bill him or her for shipping and postage costs.
Shipping costs include the cost of supplies needed for paper printing (paper and toners).

Family Association bank connection

Oulun Osuuspankki

OP Corporate Bank plc Helsinki, Finland
IBAN: FI40 5741 7040 0067 91

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