Honorary membership of a family association – what is it?

This page presents the terms of the club’s honorary membership, all the honorary members elected so far, and the chairmen of the board

Honorary Membership

Article 3 of the rules of the family association states: “A member who has special merits in carrying out the purposes of the society may be elected as an honorary member at a meeting of the society.” This section of the rules has not always been literally followed when appointing honorary members. In 1987, the board of the family association issued a guide that further defines the “special merits” section of the rules. The instructions have not been recorded in the minutes, but a document can be found in the archives on the basis of which the board has approved the guide for use in the family society. The document is as follows.

Ellilä family society rules for inviting a family society member and handing over a certificate of honor.

  • The member has held the trust position (s) of the club.
  • Has worked very well for the benefit of the club and its purposes.
  • Has cherished the family heritage and traditions such as oral, verbal, pictorial and material.
  • Has conducted genealogical and companion research.
  • The number of surviving honorary members is seven.
  • The Board of Directors makes a proposal for an honorary member and the Annual General Meeting approves it.
  • A member of a family association can also take the initiative. the matter to the Executive Board in writing.

It is clear from the above that inviting an honorary member is not a name-day gift but must be earned and approved by the term meeting. All those elected as honorary members are deserving of the appointment, and a formal error will not diminish its value.

Honorary Members

  1. Walfrid Ellilä, 1971,
  2. Eila Niskala, 1983,
  3. Toivo Ellilä, 1983,
  4. Pekka Ellilä, 2003,
  5. Erkki Paaso, 2011,
  6. Ritva Koskela, 2011,
  7. Antti Ellilä, 2013,
  8. Jaako Ellilä, 2015,
  9. Pentti Ellilä, 2019.

Chairmen of the Board

  1. Walfrid Ellilä, 1963 – 1971,
  2. Tauno Ellilä, 1971 – 1975,
  3. Eila Niskala, 1975 – 1979,
  4. Pekka Ellilä, 1979 – 2007,
  5. Kirsi Zühlke, 2007 – 2014,
  6. Markku Toivola, 2015 – 2019,
  7. Heikki Ellilä, 2019 –
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