Presentation of the Association’s Auditors for 2019-2023

The Family Meeting 2019 elected Jaako Ellilä as the auditor for 2019-2023 and Jorma Ellilä as the deputy auditor.

Auditor: Jaako

I am Jaako Johannes Ellilä (born 1943), the son of Lauri Ellilä, as You can see in the Family Tree.
I am now starting the second period as auditor of the association.

I’m not quite a novice in this job, having served two years on the board and also a secretary of the association in the 1970s.

I Currently live in Simo and do hunting and a little fishing.

Debuty Auditor: Jorma

My father Reino Ellilä’s (b. 1911) home is less than a kilometer from the main building of the family’s farm. The house is still in the family’s possession.

After my military service, I moved to the Border Guard. My Border Guard career started at the eastern border at the Lapland Border Guard in Korvatunturi near Kemihaara Border Guard Station.

In addition, my career was in the Kainuu Border Guard and in my last years in the service of the Western Finland Coast Guard.
I stayed in full service for retirement at Virpiniemi Coast Guard Station in the Oulu Coast Guard. My military reserve lieutenant.
I live in Oulu in a relationship and I have two adult daughters, Terhi and Kati.

My retirement years are still related to my sporting career, though now as a hobby … running, skiing, orienteering and building any kind of cottage.

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