Family Association Board 2019 – 2023 Presentation

The Family Meeting 2019 elected Heikki Ellilä Chairman of the Board for the term 2019-2023 and the following eight (8) members were elected as members of the Board: Kimmo Ellilä, Seppo Ollikainen, Maria Oikarainen, Riitta Rajanen, Irja Savela, Merja Korkala-Harju, Tarja Palsa and Anne-Marie Ellilä . As in the previous term, no alternates were elected.

Chairman: Heikki 

The home of my father, Antti Niilo Ellilä, was once located in the yard of the family’s main farm on the Tiironkari peninsula by the Gulf of Bothnia.
There is no more than a partial stone foundation left in the house.

I spent my childhood at Kuivaniemi Railwaystation Village in my home and started my school at Kuivaniemi Primary School, from where I moved to Kemi Lyseo in 1960 and graduated there in 1968.

After military service, I became a tabulating machine operator at Veitsiluoto Oy, and after a year I continued my studies at the Computer Institute Programmer course in Helsinki.

After completing the course, I worked for ATK-Suunnittelu Oy, moved to Systek Oy in 1973, and founded a software company called Western Systems Oy in 1981.

As shown in the family tree, my wife Raili and I have three (3) children and currently have six (6) grandchildren.

Vice Chairman: Kimmo

The birthplace of Kimmo’s father, Pentti Ellilä, is actually the main building of the family’s main farm on the Tiironkari peninsula on the Gulf of Bothnia.
The farm is no longer in the family’s possession.

I was born in Pori Central Hospital and spent my childhood years in Harjavalta, where I had time to complete the first year of primary school.

When moving to the second grade we already lived in Kiviniemi Kello Village.

After graduating from Vocational School, I completed military service in Sodankylä, after which I soon returned to the bench of Vocational School and went on to become an electrician.

The family includes wife Anita, two sons Michael and Valtteri and the dog named Musti.

Treasurer: Tarja

My mother Ritva Koskela nee Ellilä’s home is located less than a kilometer from the main building of the family’s main farm. The home is now owned by her mother’s sister.

In fact, I was born and lived in Kemi, visited here in high school and business school. I have been working in the insurances for a long time, from the past 10 years taking care of the OP Bank Group customers in the banking and insurance issues.

My hobbies include outdoor activities, skiing and jogging, and last autumn I also joined mountain biking.

My family has 2 adult boys, Tommi and Teemu. Last year, I also became Samu’s grandmother.

Member of the Board: Anne-Marie

The birthplace of Anne-Marie’s father, Antti Ellilä, is actually the main building of the family’s main farm on the Tiironkari peninsula on the Gulf of Bothnia. The farm is no longer in the family’s possession.

I live in Oulu and I am currently working as a personal assistant. I am the first through the board.

I like walking, culture in its various forms and vintage fashion.

Nowadays, Family Association activities have also become my interest.

Member of the Board: Irja

My grandfather’s Erkki Paaso’s father Hannes Paaso was one of the founding members of the Family Association.

My father, Pekka Paaso, was involved in the activities of a Family Association, and through this I inherited this hobby. I have been actively engaged since 2011.

Childhood I spent in Kuivaniemi, and after the high school I went to study in Oulu speech therapists.
During my studies I lived in the Island of Malta for half a year, and completed my training period in Lappeenranta, where I also lived for half a year.

After graduating, I moved to Central Finland to Viitasaari, where I worked as a speech therapist for over two years.

At that time I also started with KELA (Social Insurance institution) therapies, which I now do on a wide area between Tornio and Oulainen.

Currently I live in Oulu with my family. Leisure time is spent with outdoor activities and music.

Member of the Board: Maria

The birth home of Maria’s father’s maternal grandmother, Sofia Ellilä, b. 1879, was once located in the courtyard of the family on the Tiironkari peninsula, on the Gulf of Bothnia.
There is no more than a partial stone foundation left in the house.

I have lived my childhood at Haukipudas Church Village. After marriage, I lived with my family in Oulu. My family includes Spouse, Boy and Dog.
I have worked in a variety of positions in social and health care. I am currently an expert in wound care.

I enjoy moving around in nature, watching natural events, versatile physical activity, and among other things, music in many forms. I bake and cook according to my mood.
I think summer is the best time of year; light, warmth and greenery make people and nature flourish.
Moreover, I am interested in my ancestors and the history of life, and therefore happy I joined Ellilä Family Association activities.
I am involved in action for the first year. I am a fifth generation Ellilä, I’ve heard stories of the family until the father’s mother’s parents.

Member of the Board: Merja

My mother Sirpa’s father Reino Ellilä’s (b. 1911) home is less than a kilometer from the main building of the family’s main farm. The house is still owned by the family and I often visit there during the summer.

I was born in Kuivaniemi and spent my childhood and my school started there.

I graduated from high school in Simo in 1986, after which I completed a college, polytechnic education and university degrees.

I have not flown very far from Kuivaniemi because I live in Keminmaa nowadays.

I work as a management assistant in a training union and my family includes two adult children in addition to my husband.

In my spare time I like the outdoors and do swimming, skiing, walking, hiking etc.

This is my second term in Family Association activities.

Member of the Board: Riitta

My father Matti Ollikainen’s mother Martta Ellilä’s (b. 1903) home has been in the Tiironkari peninsula near the Gulf of Bothnia.

I was born, went to school and started a career in bank in Oulu.

In the 90s we moved to Kuivaniemi for four years and then to Ii where the children went to school.

In 2008 we moved back to Oulu.
Nowadays I live in Heinäpää in Oulu, and in summer I enjoy a cottage on the northern shore of Kuivaniemi.

I do exercise, eg. gym and dance. I have four adult daughters. The family also includes a dog named Torsti.

Member of the Board: Seppo

I was born in the North Shore Village in Kuivaniemi. The birthplace is called Aho. I spent my childhood and youth at home. Over time, my home became my property.

I had gone to vocational school before that and at the age of 21 I started to breed mink for 8 years.

After that I was in Veitsiluoto Oy bread for 10 years.

Then I spent most of my working life as Product Manager at Pihla Ikkuna Oy (Window Factory).

I am married Anni Ollikainen 1985. We do not have biological children .

In the past, I’ve had one term (4 years) member in Ellilä Family Association Board.

Hobbies Traveling and fishing are close to my heart.

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