General overview of the activities of the family association in the term 2019-2023

The term, which began in August 2019, was plagued by the global Covid-19 pandemic immediately after the turn of 2020, which, until the end of February 2022, has severely restricted people’s rallies. For this reason, the club has not been able to hold joint meetings even to commemorate the deceased relatives.

The number of active members of the society has also decreased due to deaths and aging, and the younger generation has not warmed up to family activities. The number of members has solidified for 50 individuals, but no significant investment has been made by any party.

The activities of the family association are based on two cornerstones: the website and the family tree. The first is a channel for communication between the individual and the family association and the second is a data warehouse where kinship information is stored. The use of the data warehouse is regulated by the Data Protection Act and therefore it is not shared publicly via the Internet connection, but is stored on the family association’s secure device on the club’s premises.

In this context, however, without being pessimistic, there is a historical fact: The average member of the family is almost invariably completely unable to notify the custodian of the family tree of any changes in life in their own records.

Activities of the board of the family association

It is worth repeating the statement about the history “ELLILÄ FAMILY ASSOCIATION 1963-2013” written by Erkki Paaso in 2012: “The president alone will not be able to take care of the club’s affairs or take it forward unless the club has a competent and knowledgeable secretary. It is natural for the members elected to the board to serve other than at a general meeting convened by the chairman. The success of the association also depends on the activity of ordinary line members. They should “whip” those in charge to act.”

The activities of the board of the family association elected at the term of office no. 14, August 3, 2019, started tangled because only five of the eight members of the board were present at the inaugural meeting. After all, the inaugural meeting elects from among the employees of the Board: the Vice Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer. The latter was not elected at all, the secretary and vice-president with difficulty.
At the end of 2019, the treasurer was elected and by the end of 2020, the secretary had changed.
This secretary, too, resigned in the summer of 2021 and no replacement has been elected since.

Despite the compelling start, government operations have been heavily digitized through the website’s service offering and the introduction of remote board meetings (Skype).
On the other hand, communication between the members of the family club and with the government is supported by the WhatsApp group “Ellilän sukuseura”, to which the members of the club can join if they wish.


The website allows a family member to maintain information about their own family tree and get information about the family tree for their own use. Maintaining family tree information does not require membership in the family club, but access to family tree information requires the club’s membership to be valid.
However, the purchase of family products is only possible for members of the club.

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