The association was established in Kuivaniemi municipality in 1963 and entered in the finnish patent and registration office as association on 28.05.1965, it is domiciled in Ii, finland.

The Society is a registered personal association founded in 1963, whose members are members of the family or have joined it through marriage. The purpose of a family society is to investigate the history of the family, to preserve family traditions, to promote cohesiveness among members of the family, and to provide its members with both the information they collect and material related to the tradition.

According to the rules, the Association’s decision-making power is vested in the family meeting held every 4 years. It decides on the fate and finances of the previous term (4 years) and approves the framework for the next term (including the action plan, changes to the rules, the board).

During the term of office, the Board of Directors is responsible for the affairs of the Society. Of course, all members of the Society have the opportunity, through their own contribution, to participate in the Society’s purpose with the support of the Board.

During the term 2019-2023, which began last August, the primary goal is to bring this website to such an extent that the dialogue between society members and administration can be smooth.
We hope that as our society activities evolve, we will also gain new members. We are grateful for all the feedback and wishes that drive our family society forward.

The next version of the website this spring 2020 will showcase important things: family tree supplementation, membership and family related topics.

Thank you for reading the story so far.