The association was established in Kuivaniemi municipality in 1963 and entered in the finnish patent and registration office as association on 28.05.1965, it is domiciled in Ii, finland.

The Society is a registered partnership founded in 1963, the members of which are related to the family or joined through marriage. The purpose of the family society is to find out the history of the family, to nurture family traditions, to promote cohesion among the members of the family and to provide its members with both the information they collect and the material related to the traditions.

According to the rules, the decision-making power of the association belongs to the family assembly held every 4 years. It decides on the fate of the activities and finances of the previous term (4 years) and approves the framework for the next term (eg action plan, amendments to the rules, board).

During the term of office, the board is elected by the board elected by the family assembly. All members of the club have the opportunity to contribute to the purpose of the club with the support of the board.

During the 2019-2023 term, which began in August 2019, the primary goal is to bring this website to such a level that the dialogue between the members of the club and the administration can take place smoothly.

The memorial plaque shown in the picture on the Tiironkari peninsula has been moved to the landscapes of Aatenkartano, close to the foundations of the burnt home of Adolf Ellilä.

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